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Astrology — Intuitive Readings — Healing Rituals — Soul-Centered Teaching with Erica Jones

Welcome to Real Imaginal!

Consult with me as an astrologer to learn more about the mythic dimensions that propel your life, and to take advantage of astrology's sense of timing and developmental processes. Regardless of the archetypal patterns at play---such as Hero/Heroine, Lover, Warrior, Apprentice, Phoenix, Mother---I enjoy working with clients to develop life-affirming ways of engaging with these powerful motivating forces.

I also offer intuitive readings that tap into spiritual guidance and insight around any questions or quandaries you are facing, using my gifts and skills of claircognition, clairvoyance and clairsentience.  Whether you are at a crossroads, making a big life decision, or simply looking to deepen your understanding of a particular issue or area of your life, your intentions open the way to knowledge.

I am also a practitioner of metaphysical healing arts which simultaneously address the needs of the heart, the mind and the body. I craft specific healing rituals for your particular situation to facilitate healing, clarity, closure or resolution for emotional, spiritual or physical issues.

In all of these practices, I orient us within the intelligence of the Earth and cosmos, welcoming us back home to the wisdom of the body and the entire Earth Community.

And in my soul-centered approach to teaching astrology, I take joy in welcoming many ways of knowing, learning and growing: intuitive, imaginal, kinesthetic, as well as cognitive.

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